I'm a fourth generation Montana farm girl raised on the land my great-grandparents homesteaded. I love wide-open spaces, truckin’ songs and huckleberry pie. I collect Hereford cow figurines and vintage Tony Lama cowgirl boots. I’m partial to gravel roads, Tammy Wynette and farm-fresh everything. I love my job and feel like a professional tumbleweed. I confirmed this love after several years in New York City. It’s now fun to go back to my Big Apple stomping grounds, but the West is where my heart is. I’m an avid runner & a perfectionist, but I don’t need a lot of planning. I fly by the seat of my pants & react to what’s in front of me. Last year I visited 25 cities on assignment, often stacking jobs so tightly that Delta’s Sky Club began to feel like my home office. I’m a big believer in carry-on travel; I fill my Lowepro backpack with gear and just a couple other things. I can’t stand sitting still. I married a grown-up Tom Sawyer, book smart but full of adventure. And that adventure has landed us in places all over the globe, sometimes with our three kids in tow. I feel very lucky to have found a balance of being based in Montana but shooting for clients all over the world. I just love that one day I might be photographing Ted Turner on his Snowcrest Ranch...and then a few days later find myself in a man camp in the Bakken Oil Fields or at an upscale lodge in Venezuela. You just never know where your camera is going to take you.